Mashujaa Day Motor Maze 2018

Rotary Club of Nanyuki is hosting the first Nanyuki Mashujaa Day Motor Maze.  The event is a fundraising charity event in which proceeds will be directed towards Education in Laikipia and Rotary Club of Nanyuki’s Older Persons Protection Program. The event is scheduled to take place on Mashujaa day, Saturday, October 20th, 2018.

The charity event is a fun – filled, educational, motor event based on rural and urban exploration in and around Nanyuki town.  The motor maze is neither a rally or a race with an expectation of about 50 cars and a maximum of 4 people to each car.  Each team is expected to dress in a team outfit and give themselves a name. The teams should be comprised of a driver, a navigator (download a compass for your phone) and two “look – outs” who will assist to look for clues and help to find various items.
Participants will be expected to follow a detailed and specific route in search of clues to their next destination, items, and to answer questions which will be outlined in a booklet. There will be two routes given out randomly to participants and each car will be given a booklet that will have questions that need to be answered, and directional clues. There will be various check – points along the route that are monitored by both sponsors and Rotarians; each vehicle MUST reach each check point to allow verification that rules and guidelines are being followed. The last check-point will be at the final bash point where there will be a celebration; the celebration will include nyama choma, participant awards, auctions and dancing. Non-particpants will also be able to attend the secret bash point at a gate fee.

Cryptic clues for the route will be in the booklet.  As participants reach several locations, they may have to write in the booklet the answer, or they may be required to exit the vehicle where someone will advise them of what proof is required that they were there.  This proof will be verified by check points.  There will also be several items required that teams will be required to find; these items will also be verified at check points and they will be used to determine awards and tie – breakers at the bash point.

Flag off for the event will be at 9am, in which there will be a quick verification process to ensure participants have registered. Bash point / final check point will be revealed at 5pm to anyone who has not reached the destination as of yet.

The questions and clues will challenge participants on matters such as local knowledge, touristic interests, general information, and teach them about life in Nanyuki.

Each non-corporate team / car is 5,000/- entry
Each corporate car (branded) is 20,000/- entry
Gate entrance for Non-particpants is 1,000/- at bash point.

Participants along with people who have paid for gate entrance will get nyama choma included in their cost at the final bash point.  Everyone is responsible for buying beverages of their choice; you are not permitted to bring food or alcohol into the celebration.  Be prepared for great auction items, fun and dancing.

Check points will also be sponsored with a varying amount of 25,000/- to 100,000/- depending on how much visibility the check point will attract. Sponsors of check points will be able to promote their company and products along the route by advertising the check point, distributing free samples, coupons and / or flyers.