Laikipia at a Glance – Traveler’s Guide

Traveler's/Investor's Guide - Laikipia at a glance:

1. Laikipia is one of the most beautiful places to visit in your lifetime - New York Times
2. Laikipia is surrounded by Mt. Kenya, Aberdare ranges and Lol-Daiga hills
3. Laikipia has the largest herd of Elephants outside the protected areas
4. Laikipia is the most geographically diverse county in Kenya
5. Laikipia is home to 2800 Grevy Zebras ...out of a population of 4,000 in the world. Read more at Grevy's Zebra Trust and endeavor to attend The Great Grevy's Ball
5. Laikipia is home to the largest number of wild dogs
6. The Elephant maternity is located in Marmanet
7. Real estate actually pays in Laikipia
8. Laikipia is an intersection for both local and global travelers
9. 85kms of LAPSSET crosses through Laikipia

How well do you know Laikipia County? Watch this Video and learn more.

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