Of Cords & Discord – Play by Martin Kigondu

Starts: Sun 9th Sep, 3:00pm Ends: Sun 9th Sep, 6:00pm

Location: Le Rustique   Event Tickets: Tickets/Book

0721 609601 / 0725 832607


Of Cords And Discord – written by Martin Kigondu; is a dark humoured thrilling drama that explores how much baggage family relations can hold. From familial cords of siblings to those of couples, does love always conquer all? Joan has called her sister Jane to rush to her ‘could be breakdown’ after Ken (Joan’s celebrity husband) has been caught in another of his scandals. The sisters time together is a montage of nostalgic and heartfelt moments looped in chilling discoveries of their current predicament. Betrayal cuts deep – but so do knives. The latest Prevail Arts Company production assures of an ecstatic ride!

The play is starred by Kingwa Kamencu and Valentine Zikki, directed by Martin Kigondu – whose previous play ‘What Happens In The Night’ received impressive reviews.

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